Case StudyStrategic PDP Design

A comprehensive case study exploring the impact of strategic design and brand development on the eCommerce and virtual marketplace product detail page (PDP). 



Most brands recognize the value of a robust product detail page (PDP) brand presence, which can contribute significantly to improved performance. However, creative professionals are aware that brands don’t always prioritize their organic content design to the same extent as their paid content. To address this gap, I embarked on a mission to demonstrate the true impact of exceptional PDP design and how investing in organic content can be equally, if not more rewarding and crucial than investing in paid content. My goal was to showcase that high-quality design is essential to augmenting user engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately, sales and conversion.


5 brands

30+ products

Tracked shipped COGS


I collaborated with five prominent brands to enhance the creative elements of their PDPs for over 30 products. My focus was specifically on optimizing their product image galleries and enhanced content. All of these products’ PDPs had already undergone copy and SEO optimization according to best practices, enabling me to concentrate solely on their creative assets.

I used a variety of research and testing methods including hosting brainstorming sessions and focus groups to build out design concepts and A/B testing the before and afters to gain insight into the consumer experience. By comparing the pre-existing non-optimized designs with the newly crafted creative, I obtained remarkable results that demonstrate the tangible benefits of a well-crafted PDP.



increase in sales


increase in units sold


increase in sessions


increase in conversion


improved performance



When I collaborated with Geocel, I started by focusing on the user journey and designing a PDP that aligns with the user’s needs. I implemented a clean, modern design that highlights the unique features and benefits of each product, making it easy for users to find the information they need and make informed purchase decisions.


By improving the PDP design and user experience, we were able to increase engagement and conversion rates, resulting in higher sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Head & Shoulders


For Head & Shoulders, I focused on developing a visual language that aligns with the brand’s values and messaging in order to create a consistent and recognizable brand presence. 


Our consistent visual language and relevant enhanced content helped build trust and credibility with users, resulting in increased conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Gold Series


My strategy for Gold Series was to create a visually engaging design that highlights the brand’s unique selling points. By incorporating high-quality product images and videos, we were able to showcase the products in a way that resonates with the target audience.


Our visually engaging PDP designs increased engagement and brand recognition, resulting in higher sales and increased customer satisfaction.



My focus with HoMedics was on streamlining the product image gallery and incorporating relevant enhanced content. I worked with them to create a PDP that provides users with a seamless and informative shopping experience that utilizes interactive creative to spark the user’s engagement. 


By providing a unique user experience and interactive creative, we were able to increase engagement and encourage users to explore more products, leading to a rise in conversion rates.



My strategy for Purdy was to create a strong brand presence that aligns with the brand’s values and messaging by including enhanced content that provides users with a comprehensive understanding of the product.


Our focus on a universal brand presence and comprehensive enhanced content increased engagement and conversion rates, resulting in improved sales and customer satisfaction.