Brand Strategy Frona

A modern and strategic visual identity that effectively communicates the Frona vision.


In my collaboration with Frona, a project management software company, I developed a comprehensive brand development strategy that aimed to create a cohesive and effective brand identity that would set them apart in a competitive marketplace. This strategy included a thorough analysis of their target audience, competitors, and industry trends, which informed the development of their logo suite, brand guidelines, and website design. Through collaboration with the client, I gained a deep understanding of their unique value proposition and brand voice, which helped guide the design and messaging of their brand identity. The end result was a brand that accurately reflects Frona’s mission and values, and a website that effectively communicates their services and value proposition to their target audience.

Brand Guidelines


I developed a logo suite and brand guidelines that would establish a clear and recognizable visual identity within the tech industry. To achieve this, I conducted extensive research into their target audience, competitors, and industry trends, in order to gain insights into what would resonate with their specific audience. Using this research, I created a logo suite that embodies Frona’s values and mission, while also being modern and visually appealing.

The brand guidelines included detailed instructions for the use of typography, color, imagery, and tone of voice, ensuring consistency across all brand assets. As a software company, it was important to ensure that the logo suite and brand guidelines reflected Frona’s technological expertise and innovation, while also being approachable and user-friendly. The end result was a cohesive and effective visual identity that positioned Frona as a leader in their industry and communicated their brand message clearly to their target audience.

Brand Story

Logo Suite

Color Palette





I approached the website design and build with a focus on creating a user-friendly and intuitive experience that would highlight their unique value proposition and expertise in project management software. To achieve this, I worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and goals for the website, and incorporated their feedback throughout the design and development process. I implemented a clean and modern design, with a focus on clear navigation and easily digestible content.

Additionally, I integrated a variety of custom features and functionalities, such as a live chat system, a robust search functionality, and interactive animations, to enhance the user experience and differentiate Frona from their competitors. The end result was a website that effectively communicates Frona’s value proposition and establishes them as a trusted and reliable partner in project management software.

UX/UI Design

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